Washington State Service Member for Life Transition Summit

WSMTC Members,

I wanted to ensure that you had the flyer for this year’s Washington State Service Member for Life Transition Summit. Please save the dates on your calendar, I would also like to highlight the WSMTC Workgroup breakout session (Day 1: 1:00-4:00) located at the Hawk Transition Center. This will provide a unique opportunity for each track continue to build partnerships with local leaders in the public and private sector. It will also allow each track to get valuable feedback from the professional community that will help set Track goals for FY16.

This is an important event that will help us continue to carry over the great success you have all had into the next year, and continue to build upon that success for FY16.

If you have any questions please let me know.
Very Respectfully,
Paul Cruz | WA State Military Transition Council Project Manager
Washington Department of Veterans Affairs
1102 Quince St. SE |Olympia, WA 98504
Tel: (360) 725-2237|Cell: (360) 972-0435
paulcr@dva.wa.gov www.dva.wa.gov|

WSMTC Summit Flyer

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