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Greetings West Seattle! Yes! We‘re still here, open and active in West Seattle!

First off, on behalf of Post 2713, allow me to thank all of you for your continued support and donations during the Memorial Day and Veterans Day weekends. It’s truly great to meet with you all face to face. We enjoy hearing your stories and those of veterans that are close to you. These two weekends are significant in raising money that go directly to our veterans program. Examples of this can be to help our veterans in distress, buying food and drinks for BINGO night at the VA hospital or donating money to local food banks.

The VFW also sponsors an essay contest that awards prizes for those that place. There are primarily two essays categories. The Patriots Pen, grades 6th~8th and Voice of Democracy, grades 9th~12th. The topic of essay will change from year to year, with last year’s topic being “What a Veteran means to me?” In 2007 your local VFW sent three kids to represent us at state level competition, with two of them winning second and third.

The jewel in our crown is the fact that we have a great hall to call home. There is an elevated stage, a sea of parkay flooring with enough tables and chairs for all your family and friends, and then some. With a great place to serve refreshments, a full kitchen and a fantastic sound system, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

Here at the hall we typically hold our monthly meetings, special gatherings and Christmas party in December. In the past we’ve rented out the hall to mainly parties and celebrations. What we really would love to see is more community base activities such as community theater, aerobics/yoga, martial arts classes, arts and crafts, or local meeting groups or events that are held here on a regular basis. We currently have a group of Irish dancers and an AA group that utilize the hall.

Renting the hall is one way we can serve the community; it also helps us keep our building, and supports your local Veterans. Another way is through donated automobiles. Recently we received a car donation from a Veteran. This car was sold and 100 percent of the proceeds of the sell will go towards helping veterans.

Once again, thanks for your continued support of our local heroes and veterans program. If you would like to join, meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, stop by and say hi. Or if you would like get involved, donate time, money or supplies or host an event, give us a call, we’re still here, at your service!

No One Does More For Veterans

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