OARS for Women Veterans STORM Memorabilia Auction & “Hoops For Heroes” OARS Spotlight Game Information

Attached are:

  1. Storm Auction Flyer

visit our auction at:

OARS 2015 Storm Memorabilia Auction

  1. Storm Flyer for the game.  Remember Promo code is oars

the URL for the tickets is:


3. OARS arts flyer

OARS 2015 StormGameFlyerFNL

This is including Friday this week and next. We need people to come to get the funding.

Please post the attached flyer and forward to anyone you feel will be interested. These tickets are available for all Women Veterans ($10 with appropriate id). They are also available for folks supporting our women veterans and  their re-adjustment back into civilian life.

Please show your support by purchasing tickets. If you cannot come then buy your ticket for a woman veteran to come.

Outreach And Resource Services (OARS) for Women Veterans

10002 Aurora Ave. N. Unit 36-597

Seattle, WA 98133

(206) 554-9600

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