Washington Fires: Donate to help Firefighters

Comrades and Sisters;

At the meeting of District 16 on August 22, 2015, a motion was made and approved for District 16 posts to donate funds that will be put into a special fund that will be used solely for the purpose of supporting the thousands of firefighters who are at this time are battling the numerous fires across our state.

I have received a call from the District Commander and he has already collected $600 with another $800 promised.

It is necessary for the VFW to be part of the effort in supporting the fire-fighters, veteran volunteers and other military units that are putting themselves in jeopardy to save our state and its residents. I am asking the Post and district Commanders to step up and contribute funds to the ” Special Account” now at the Department Headquarters, that will be used for this effort.

Please send your generous contributions to Department, marked for support of the Firefighters. We are working with the various county emergency command teams to ensure the support gets to these firefighters and where it is needed.

For any information, please contact headquarters either Robin or Fred. Please remember, a majority of these firefighters are veterans and the Relief Fund can be used to support this effort.

Glenn Albert
Commander State of Washington

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