Youth Pizza Party at Convention

Don’t think your child would want to/ or be able to sit through a long Awards Ceremony and Banquet at State Convention in June?

We’ve got you covered!

What started just as a good idea, turned into a great idea with a bunch of support!

A couple of Ladies Auxiliary members have put together and arranged an evening of pizza, soda, snacks and fun for all children at convention while the rest of us are at the Awards Banquet.

The Red Lion has been so very kind, and is giving us use of the dining room or one of the meeting rooms for it at no cost!

We have arranged Guardians to watch over them, so don’t worry about any chaos making it to you during dinner.

It will only cost $5 per child. The leftover profits will be donated to the Department Ladies Auxiliary Youth Activities Fund.

Just send the name of the child & Parent(s), phone number, a list of any allergies and the payment on the attached form to:

Robin Piatt, 415 116th St S, Parkland, WA 98444

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