Greeting Comrades,

We will be passing out Poppies tomorrow and Sunday at the Admiral Safeway. Thank to Steve Strand for facilitating this.
There needs to be a minimum of two at all times:
Saturday 10am to 2pm
Sunday   10am to 2pm
Please reply to this email with when you are available and what you would prefer.
4Next Thursday, November 13th, we will be partnering with the Beer Junction for their tasting event with Stone Brewery.
If someone that is “artsy” would like ot create a Facebook Event to help spread the word so we can make it a better event then it will already be.
If you have the chance, please brush up on the purpose of the Buddy Poppy program so we can tell people why we give them out. Please remember, we give these out, not sell them.
Thank you for your time,
Nathan Hemphill
CMDR #2713

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