Loyalty Day May 1st

Loyalty Day
May 1st (tomorrow) Noon- 1:30 PM
Post 2713 West Seattle
3601 SW Alaska St Seattle
sandwiches, cookies, soda/coffee will be served

Purpose: To revitalize emotions of Patriotism and Pride of Country. Our combat veterans inaugurated Loyalty Day demonstrations for May 1st across the country. They were joined by thousands of men, women, and children representing organizations, groups, schools and churches, civilians and armed forces. All were enthusiastic about having a special occasion on which to demonstrate their allegiance to Flag and Country.

The first gathering for a Loyalty Day Program was May 1st, 1923. In 1958, after years of legislative lobbying, spearheaded by the Auxiliary and the VFW, Congress officially designated May 1st as Loyalty Day.

“Loyalty Day has now been set aside across our nation as a day affording our people an occasion to reaffirm their belief in Freedom, Democracy, and their God-given rights to individual liberties and to demonstrate their opposition to the forces of disruption and subversion”.

From coast to coast the VFW Loyalty Day observances inspired vividly patriotic participation in all walks of life. Let us continue to hold our banners and flags high- to remind our countrymen of loyalty to American freedoms, for which many of our veterans have laid down their lives. Let’s do our best to enliven Loyalty Day for young and old with special events, parades, and patriotic programs. Take steps now to revive the truly American customs of celebrating and playing together. They illustrate our united interests, and pride in being Americans – who are privileged to live in a free country, and enjoy the opportunity of keeping our nation free.

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