Veterans Archway

A monument to honor student veterans is in development for the University of Washington Bothell campus to the Veterans Archway recognize the service that veterans have made and to celebrate the transition of veterans to academic and civilian life.

The design of the monument includes an archway with two columns and a centerpiece with an inscription that invites visitors to remember and honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Veterans Archway has been organized and planned by the UW Bothell Student Veterans Association. It will be located at the northeast corner of the new sports complex with access to the North Creek regional trail.

The Veterans Archway is anticipated to cost just under $60,000.  A gift to the university and community by generous contributors, the project will be 100 percent funded by donations, and no state or university money will be used. To date, the students have raised more than $19,000 toward construction of the project.

“This space is a tangible gift that we can give to student veterans to say that they are appreciated and acknowledge their transition from active duty to student life, it is something permanent that we feel our student veterans have earned.” – Ben Wiselogle ’12, Co-Chair UW Bothell Veterans Archway Committee.

Please visit the Veterans Archway site to donate.

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