Deadline for Retroactive Stop Loss Pay now 10/21/12

The 2009 War Supplemental Appropriations Act established Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay (RSLSP), providing $500 for each month/partial month served in stop loss status. Service members, veterans, and beneficiaries of servicemembers whose service was involuntarily extended under Stop Loss between Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 30, 2009 are eligible for RSLSP.

To receive this benefit, those who served under stop loss must submit a claim for the special pay. Throughout the year, the services have been reaching out to servicemembers, veterans and their families through direct mail, veteran service organizations, and the media. But there is still money left to be claimed, and the deadline is approaching. The average benefit is $3,700.

For more information please visit the DOD website.

One thought on “Deadline for Retroactive Stop Loss Pay now 10/21/12”

  1. Comrades,
    Our next meeting is one of the Most important of the year! Election of Officers will take place and a repeat of nominations for those who weren’t in attendance at the last meeting and for any new nominations to consider.
    This will be the last month of program qualifications, our youth awards and an upcoming meeting for our ladies interested in the Ladies Auxiliary.
    See you there,
    Ray Fairbank

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