Veteran Smart Phone Beta Testing and Pizza Party Tonight!!!

Tonight the post will be hosting a beta test for the mobile application VAPP. If your a smart phone user and want to be a part of this event click here.

There will also be a few special guest attending the beta. Sheena  Pegarido from the US VA Suicide Prevention Campaign will be there. Donald Lachman, from the WDVA, who works as the Special Projects Coordinator and has worked on the recent Veteran’s Levy will also be on hand.

We look forward to hosting this great event and can’t wait to see everyone there tonight.

Calling all Veterans!!!

If your a veteran in the West Seattle area and would like to meet up with fellow vets, then please join us on Tuesday Oct 4th at 7:30pm for our monthly meeting. We will be talking about the success of our Gears or War party as well as planning our Veterans Day event along with our Christmas party. Hope to see you there!!!

Gears of War 3 release party recap!

I want to thank everyone who made it out to the Gears of War 3 release party on Friday 9/23. It was a great event and we raised over $450 for the Seattle Stand-down which benefits homeless vets in the Seattle area.

I also want to add a special thanks to Dennis for setting up this event, Sam  from the Seattle Stand-Down, Scott from Epic Games for providing awesome prizes, and Lisa from Amazon for donating the Kindle that one lucky vet went home with. It was a great event and we look forward to doing more with these fine folks.

For more information on the Seattle Stand-down please visit there page.

Also Epic Games has put up a page on their community site showcasing our event as well as other with veterans.

Here are a few photos from the event.


Group calls for investigation into suicide spike at JBLM

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A group of veterans, soldiers and military families is calling on Congress to investigate the recent spike in suicides at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

The group March Forward! held a news conference in Lakewood Tuesday to announce the campaign, “Operation Recovery: Joint Base Lewis-McChord.”

Along with the investigation, the group is asking politicians to step up and demand changes on the base. Their demands include all service members who commit suicide receive a proper memorial service and that their families receive letters of condolences and apologies from the president and commanders. But most importantly, they want to allow soldiers to seek help and heal before being re-deployed.

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“Don’t ask, don’t tell” consigned to history

WASHINGTON – After years of debate and months of final preparations, the military can no longer prevent gays from serving openly in its ranks

Some in Congress still oppose the change, but top Pentagon leaders have certified that it will not undermine the military’s ability to recruit or to fight wars.

The Army was distributing a business-as-usual statement Tuesday saying simply, “The law is repealed,” and reminding soldiers to treat each other fairly.

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Military retiree benefits vulnerable as Congress struggles to cut debt

As Washington looks to squeeze savings from once-sacrosanct entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, another big social welfare system is growing as rapidly, but with far less scrutiny: the health and pension benefits of military retirees.

Military pensions and health care for active and retired troops now cost the government about $100 billion a year, representing an expanding portion of both the Pentagon budget — about $700 billion a year, including war costs — and the national debt, which together finance the programs.

Making even incremental reductions to military benefits is typically a doomed political venture, given the public’s broad support for helping troops, the political potency of veterans groups and the fact that significant savings take years to appear.

But the intense push in Congress this year to reduce the debt and the possibility that the Pentagon might have to begin trimming core programs like weapons procurement, research, training and construction have suddenly made retiree benefits vulnerable, military officials and experts say.

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No One Does More For Veterans